Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tool #8

Netbooks--they are full of options, have lots of ports, a web cam... in fact they are way more advanced that they laptops we have now. They also have a dif version of Windows than the current school computers.

iPads-- I will need to create a new iTunes account that uses my SBISD email etc in order to fully use the iPad. I also learned how to download apps and learned where to find apps that are appropriate and/or helpful in regard to the classes that I teach.

Management -- I dont have a classroom and floating with netbooks, iPads etc is not really realistic.  Of course, if I had them and was using them, I would have rules and procedures  to manage, care for and use them.  However, I worry that the number of devices and their upkeep would not be what it should.  We have multiple classrooms with laptops right now and they arent maintained, often dont hook up and make lesson planning a precarious proposition.

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  1. You are going to be SO ready for your iPads and netbooks when you get them - I know your students are going to flip out when they find out they get to use them in class!