Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tool #2

I really treasure the time I get to interact with my colleagues.  I feel informed,  motivated and often amused-- when we sit and work, talk, or plan together. While I am sure we can all benefit from a PLN with an educational slant, and I value online resources, I still put a premium on personal contact when at all possible. I mostly access blogs, newsletters, etc when I need to find something specific or have a great idea and need resources--there are some amazing things out there.
As tired and frustrated as I know allot of people are, the comments are still very positive peer-to-peer and I really appreciate (even more) the kind of people I am lucky enough to work with.
I posted on Tatum, Todd, Shelley, Ammon, CoolCat, MustangLibrarian and others.


  1. Loving Boyd's Barn. With these blogs, we don't have to worry about face to face interaction anymore. Simplifying.

  2. Your Avatar is PERFECT. Love the accent. I totally agree about the face-to-face time with colleagues. You can't replace that valuable experience and I don't WANT to replace it. I like having the online tools in my tool belt but I would choose hanging out with colleagues over blogging any day. I'll probably get in trouble for that comment but oh well. LOL

  3. I agree w/ you, but w the line of work I do I have to have face to face time w/ my coworkers. It's easier to problem solve & put out fires...

  4. I completely agree with your thoughts regarding real contact with colleagues over online comments. I feel as though I spend my day isolated in my classroom with my kids interacting with other adults through email, etc. I would much prefer to venture out into the hallway every now and then to engage in a real conversation. (And, I must say I am not quite as irritated with you right now, as you're only through tool 5, unlike some other overachieving bloggers I won't bother to mention :)