Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tool #8

Netbooks--they are full of options, have lots of ports, a web cam... in fact they are way more advanced that they laptops we have now. They also have a dif version of Windows than the current school computers.

iPads-- I will need to create a new iTunes account that uses my SBISD email etc in order to fully use the iPad. I also learned how to download apps and learned where to find apps that are appropriate and/or helpful in regard to the classes that I teach.

Management -- I dont have a classroom and floating with netbooks, iPads etc is not really realistic.  Of course, if I had them and was using them, I would have rules and procedures  to manage, care for and use them.  However, I worry that the number of devices and their upkeep would not be what it should.  We have multiple classrooms with laptops right now and they arent maintained, often dont hook up and make lesson planning a precarious proposition.

Post #7

TLW collaborate with Mrs. Tatum’s 10th grade classrooms via Skype regarding ideas they have to improve TAKS essays.  This project will be carried out in mid-February in order to allow enough time to reflect on the the student's writing and writing from students in the classroom prior to TAKS testing in March.  We will be using Skype and Google Docs.

The Plan:
Before Skyping another classroom, we will brainstorm what has been successful in our TAKS essays and what we believe needs more work.  We will then type that information into a Google Doc, which will have our class ideas and the ideas of the other classes added to it.  We will then call Mrs. Tatum’s 10th grade classroom and will discuss what obstacles we encounter with writing for the TAKS and will discuss ideas on how to improve our writing.    Finally, we will type one practice essay per student into Google Docs, which will be edited (using different colored ink) and commented on by a member of the class with which we Skype.  

Tool #6

A Little History Question
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Poll Everywhere seems pretty easy to use and can -- with allot of prep-- be used in the classroom to quiz, review, and poll the kids.  Blogger seems more 'real' and realistically, quicker and easier to use. I can jump on, throw out a question and have the kids answer and discuss without setting up and keep up with yet another account.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tool #5

My Animoto Video

My Stupeflix Video

I already utilize Animoto in class.  I use it to teach, the kids do projects with it, we create reviews, trailers, etc.. and its fun and useful.  The Stupeflix seems to be an more basic product.

Tool #4

I really like the concept of Google Docs.  Last year, when my kids did group projects, they did the written portion in different colors so I could tell at a glance who contributed what.It also made it possible for them to work together without actually being together. The forms options I will have to play with before I can decide if it is really useful.

Tool 3 -- Video and other media

I really like Discovery Education, YouTube and Netflix for videos.  They all have great videos and clips for use in both my English and History classes.  Unfortunately Netflix is blocked from work

The information about copyright and fair use was informative but nothing new.  

I already have a drop box due to a professional development.  I understand how it works but I already use my web page for the same purpose.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tool #2

I really treasure the time I get to interact with my colleagues.  I feel informed,  motivated and often amused-- when we sit and work, talk, or plan together. While I am sure we can all benefit from a PLN with an educational slant, and I value online resources, I still put a premium on personal contact when at all possible. I mostly access blogs, newsletters, etc when I need to find something specific or have a great idea and need resources--there are some amazing things out there.
As tired and frustrated as I know allot of people are, the comments are still very positive peer-to-peer and I really appreciate (even more) the kind of people I am lucky enough to work with.
I posted on Tatum, Todd, Shelley, Ammon, CoolCat, MustangLibrarian and others.

Introduction to my blog

While I have used a blog already in my classroom and I follow some from home, I am creating this one as a professional development assignment. While I am fairly comfortable working with most types of technology, this one has been difficult and a bit ponderous. The Voki seems to serve no real purpose and while I think blogging with and for the kids could be very useful, just to get to this point has used so much time I could have been prepping for class, grading, etc. 
I would have preferred "here's a blog assigned to you--post something twice a week that will benefit your kids." I guess that is my challenge though.